A Journey to Colombia With Nespresso

Nespresso took us on an unforgettable journey to Colombia, to the origin of Nespresso coffee, a country producing around 14 million bags of coffee every year. In Jardin, Antioquia we had the chance to explore coffee farms, as well as meet passionate farmers, dedicated agronomists and local experts who partner together to grow and provide sustainable quality coffee through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.

The program was launched by Nespresso in 2003 together with the leading NGO Rainforest Alliance to build long-term direct relationships with farmers from the best coffee growing areas in the world whilst enhancing their productivity (farm management), sustainability (respecting people and environment) and coffee quality (maintaining highest coffee quality). AAA Sustainable Farming is classified as sustainable based on 39 principles and objectives, considering social, environmental and ecological aspects. Today, Nespresso sources 94% of green coffee for their permanent range from the coffee farms certified by the AAA Program and has established long-term direct relationships with the 100,000 farmers participating in the program. Nespresso committed to achieving commit to achieve 100% by 2020!

We had the unique chance to follow the whole process of how Nespresso makes sure we can enjoy best quality Colombian coffee. We visited farms that participate in the program; planted coffee trees; handpicked coffee cherries; observed the process of washing and drying of coffee in the sun; visited a procurement station where farmers bring their coffee for selling and where sample quality checks are being made. We also had a tour in the dry mill, where coffee is stripped from parchment, divided by colour, density, weight and size before being shipped. It is amazing how much preparation, hard work, quality control and selection the coffee process involves before the best coffee beans make their way to us!

Nespresso’s commitment to quality is accomplished through good farming practices, craftsmanship, thorough selection, and excellence in processing and preparation. In addition to receiving training on how to grow coffee sustainably, the farmers are paid premium prices, above market average.

It was great to follow firsthand Nespresso’s sustainable approach to coffee sourcing in Colombia! This educative journey helped me to better understand the importance of consumer choice in ecological and sustainability aspects and appreciate the dedication work behind a single coffee bean.

Photos: Nespresso and Darya von Bergen

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso. 

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