Nespresso Master Origin

The new Nespresso coffee assortment, «Master Origin», consists of coffee varieties from five countries of the world: Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nicaragua and India.

I enjoyed exploring these new coffee experiences with Nespresso at the launch event of Master Origin in Switzerland. Not only did the event provide guests opportunities to sample its new assortment, but it also educated the crowd about the coffee industry. Country origins, climate, landscape, and harvesting techniques were among the topics discussed. This knowledge helps consumers better understand the flavor profile of coffee and what activities, people and choices are behind coffee production. Here are my three preferred varieties:

  • Master Origin Columbia. This Arabica with red fruit notes is achieved by the technique «late harvest», when coffee cherries are left by the farmers to ripen on the trees for a longer time. The unusually winey and berry taste makes this Columbian Nespresso coffee vibrant and harmonious, with just the right amount of intensity that I enjoy.
  • Master Origin Indonesia. A fair-trade certified Arabica processed by the unique method of «wet-hulling», which as the name implies, means the coffee beans are hulled whilst wet. This method allows cooperatives of farmers to adapt the art of coffee production to the local humid climate. I like this variety because of its exotic, rich and woody taste, velvety body and mysterious notes of tobacco leaves.
  • Master Origin Ethiopia. Ethiopia is word famous for its centuries old coffee-producing traditions. The processing method for this variety is natural drying, where the coffee cherries are spread to be dried under the tropical sun. The fruit is kept around the seeds which adds some layers of sweetness and ripeness to the coffee’s taste. The sweet flavor of the fruit makes the coffee taste bright and adds wild notes of musk. I enjoy such flowery and refined notes and prefer this aromatic coffee right in the morning.

Now it is your turn to go on your own coffee trip by exploring the Nespresso origins cup by cup!

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso

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