Nespresso Barista Creations

As much as it is nice to go to cafes, one of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee is by being something of a home barista and trying to match the flavors myself. I’ve found Nespresso to be great for this, and their recently launched Barista Creations are designed especially for that.

Nespresso‘s new coffee range is specifically made for all kinds of lattes. Each of these three coffees were inspired by baristas from around the world with the intention of bringing this same kind of personal touch to the home. Nespresso has mastered the way each of the coffee types perfectly interact with milk and even provides guidelines for you to do it yourself.

The new flavors in this line include:
Barista Creations Scuro: This blend was inspired by Melbourne baristas who aim for robust, but balanced flavors. Nespresso used Colombian and Ethiopian Arabicas for this one and split-roasted them to produce an intense, roasted coffee taste.

Barista Creations Chiaro: These Arabica beans from Kenya and Indonesia were developed in a way that caters to Brooklyn baristas who bring out a naturally sweet coffee flavor.

Barista Creations Corto: With milk, this full-bodied dark roast recreates the smooth, thick lattes particular to baristas in Spain, using a blend of dark-roasted African Robustas and Arabicas.

After trying the new range in the Nespresso boutique in Zurich, I was curious and inspired to create my own barista-style lattes in the comfort of my home. Aromatic and full-bodied Barista Creations Corto is perfect with a splash of milk, intense and balanced Barista Creations Scuro is great to combine with frothed milk and cinnamon for example, and the sweet and biscuity Barista Creations Chiaro tastes great during an afternoon coffee break with just some soya drink and dark chocolate.

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso. 

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