Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana

A relaxed coffee treat is often associated with the Italian way of living and enjoying this vigorous drink while taking a pause during the day. It’s a ceremony in a way, a moment dedicated to the taste and pleasure. One of the great things about Nespresso is that it allows coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee at home like Italians, known worldwide as true appreciators of coffee, experiencing through taste the very best of the skills of master roasters across Italy. Inspired by the espresso machine by the Italian Luigi Bezzera, Nespresso with its Ispirazione Italiana coffee range shares with us the Italian coffee culture of skilled baristas and roasters by delivering a true intense espresso and ristretto (newly launched Ispirazione Napoli & Ispirazione Venezia) to our households.

Exceptionally dark and creamy Ispirazione Napoli is a tribute to short dark espressos typical to this coastal city. It is the most intense variation in the Nespresso Italian coffee range with the deliciously bitter cocoa notes.

Balanced and thick Ispirazione Venezia embraces Italy’s longest roasting traditions and surprises with aromatic caramel and cereal notes. It is great to feel the Venetian flair while enjoying a self-prepared delicate cup of Ispirazione Venezia cappuccino with Italian amaretto macarons.

Ispirazione Italiana brings relaxed and laid back moments with Nespresso. Moments when time stops for a while and a tasty cappuccino combined with some good reading puts oneself into a dreamy mood. It can also be a time for sun soaking while getting energized by a strong espresso or 5 minutes of spoiling oneself with a tasty dessert that goes perfectly well with an intense cup of ristretto.

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso. 

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