Nespresso Reviving Origins

The two new flavours Nespresso Reviving Origins not only introduce the unique blends but also further Nespresso‘s commitment to promoting farmers from coffee regions that were nearly lost to hardships. The program was created to provide the support needed to help these regions regain the strength they once had and eventually thrive even further than before.

The two new blends – Esperanza de Colombia and Tamuka mu Zimbabwe – showcase farms from the regions of Caquetá, Colombia and the Honde Valley, Zimbabwe, respectively. Each captures the spirit that originally drove these farmers to cultivate great coffee:

  • Esperanza de Colombia is an Arabica espresso with fruity notes and fine acidity that accents its balanced, rich flavour. The Caquetá farmers have long developed their methods in order to produce a consistent taste.
  • Tamuka mu Zimbabwe, an espresso from the breathtaking Honde Valley, brings a complex fruity flavour and a bright acidity, containing flowery notes along with hints of red berries and currants.

The quality and authenticity of these blends benefit from the fact that Nespresso has been partnering with farmers from the regions since 2017, forming a close collaboration to make sure that they are getting what they need to improve sustainability of their harvests and the success of their communities.

Together with National Geographic and the photographer Rena Effendi, Nespresso has captured stories of the spirit of local farmers as well as the impact of the program on the communities.

We encourage our readers to try these great new and rare flavours both for the experience o