Oleg Kushnir Photo Exhibition Zurich

“Linear Shadow Abstraction” is the name of the art-nu photo exhibition by the people photographer from Ukraine Oleg Kushnir that invited guests had the chance to enjoy in January 2022 in Zurich at Caretta + Weidmann Baumanagement. The event was supported by company’s founder Mauro Caretta and his wife Nataliya Caretta and united creative people from the city that personally know the artist and enjoy his versatile photography works.

More than 50 works that Oleg Kushnir presented to the public in Switzerland capture the beauty and grace of human body, turning them it into art and admiration objects.

The photographer has been working in the art-nu style for the last few years, often experimenting with abstractions, the play of light and shadow and artistic techniques. As he says: “I dress my models in attires of shadow and light; nothing distracts the viewer in my photos: there is just a person, light and shade. This unique technique conceals candid intimate areas and helps models unleash their creativity and overcome their inner complexes”.

While looking at the photos, one can not only see clear geometric shapes, compositions and silhouettes, but also imagine a fictional story of models. The are like paintings – they manifest themselves in different ways.

Oleg (Okcreative) became known by doing numerous reportage photography projects of Ukrainian and international show business stars. Now he works in several directions simultaneously and manages his own photo and video production company.

If you would like to purchase “Linear Shadow Abstraction” photos, please contact Darya von Bergen in the contact section of Swissglam website. The photo works can be ordered in different formats and sizes.

Oleg Kushnir “Linear Shadow Abstraction”
Oleg Kushnir “Linear Shadow Abstraction”

Photos by Oleg Kushnir

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