Pink Ribbon Night Switzerland 2019

Breast cancer is a dreadful disease that has claimed the lives of many over the past few years, but thanks to Evelyn H. Lauder’s Breast cancer campaign, a good fight is being fought against the disease. Established in 1992, the Estée Lauder Companies has shed light on the tribulations of breast cancer and held high the prestigious pink bow to which all breast cancer patients and survivors identify with.

The Pink Ribbon Switzerland Gala 2019: Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Evening was hosted at the ballroom of the Park Hyatt Zurich, by Swiss famous Sven Epiney and Maike Kiessling, General Manager of The Estée Lauder Switzerland. The Pink Ribbon gala was dedicated to supporting a study by the Swiss Association for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK), which promises breast cancer patients a more tolerable treatment. As with every other years’ event, The Pink Ribbon ambassadors Jesse Ritch, Eliane Müller, Tiziana Gulino, and Viola Tami also created enchanting moments with a touching charity performance.

It was a spectacular evening, everything from the exclusive dinner of star chef Anton Mosimann to the music added value to the event. Breast cancer has been a blight in the society and we all must stand in solidarity. This message was clearly heard from”The Voice of Switzerland” winner Tiziana Gulino when she demonstrated the song “I’m gonna love you through it” and Viola Tami with “You’ve got a friend” stressing on how important it is to stand by each other in difficult times.

Other entertainers for the evening included a magician, Swiss comedian Claudio Zuccolini who motivated the audience to bid for unique prizes that resulted in CHF 70,000 that were collected for the SAKK study and Curtis Burger who choreographed the fun final dance.

Finally, with love and support from the audience, you could feel the joys and cherish the moments of the Pink Ribbon Night 2019, and one thing is sure, it will be remembered for a long time to come.

Photos: Pink Ribbon Schweiz

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