The Art of Suhé Barts

In the world of contemporary art, it is not often that you come across an artist who can create a new genre of art that is both captivating and original. Suhé Barts is one of the few exceptions. Her seminal work in the field of abstract expressionism has led to the creation of what she named Synapseism, a new art genre that draws inspiration from the interconnectedness of neural synapses, life and nature, to, ultimately, showcase the constant cycle of formation, unity and transience.

Barts’ signature style is characterized by a singular language of abstract and figurative elements, minimalist sensibilities, and complex geometric syntax. Her synaptic paintings capture the dynamic and fluid nature of existence and being, thereby inviting us to contemplate and explore the interconnectivity and order of our world.

Barts’ work evokes an immediate sense of something breaking apart, dissolving, or evaporating, while also suggesting something coming to be, a formation, a beginning.

In her own words, Barts describes Synapseism as a “powerful reminder of the impermanence and transience of all things and the beauty of the constant cycle of creation and decay.”

Her innovative approach has set her apart from her contemporaries and cemented her position as a pioneering figure in the genre. For those seeking a unique and thought-provoking addition to their collection, Barts’ work is not to be missed.

The creation of Synapseism is a testament to Barts’ exceptional talent and dedication to her craft. Her work has pushed the boundaries of abstract art, creating a new language that speaks to the interconnectedness and transience of all things. The result is a stunning collection of original paintings, redefining the way we see and experience abstract art.

Her unrivaled style and dedication make her a hidden gem in the contemporary art world.

The exhibition takes place from May 11 to June 7.

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