Villars Chocolate – Swiss Vintage Boxes

Since 1901, the Fribourg-based chocolatier Villars has been producing chocolate that combines well-worn traditions with modern innovations that push the Swiss craft further. Villars sources all of their milk from the Alpine region to make their chocolate truly unique to its Swiss origin.

Villars is expanding its collection of the famous metal chocolate boxes to showcase retro designs by Martin Peikert, the Swiss artist who created the Villars cow logo. This “Swiss Vintage” line comes in three different packages:

“Le Petit Armailli” (The Little Dairyman) — depicting a young shepherd from the Alps of Fribourg
“Les Petits Gourmands” (The Little Gluttons) — two children who enjoy chocolate while playing games
“La randonnée” (The Hike) — a triumphant mountaineer admiring Swiss nature

As these designs pay tribute to an accomplished and influential artist, each box still has the same assortment of Swiss chocolates people have come to know and love, including: Swiss Milk, Milk & Hazelnut and Milk & Caramel.

These boxes are perfect for anyone wanting to experience the delicacy of Swiss treats and a bit of art and culture from yesterday all at once!

This article is a result of a collaboration between Swissglam and Villars

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