White Turf 2022

The International Horse Racing on Snow White Turf takes place this winter 2022 in February and celebrates its 114th edition.

In contrast to previous years, setting up the infrastructure went without a hitch this winter on the Lake of St. Moritz, which froze in good time and is now covered in a thick layer of ice.

The tent city has been completely redesigned and will feature new catering concepts in the public area. For the first time, the luxury car brand Genesis will also be on site. It is the Official Car Partner for this year’s White Turf and will be present with the Mobile Lounge both on the lake and in Hotel Kempinski throughout the whole month.

The biggest innovation, however, is the introduction of the White Turf Family Days. From now on, these will take place on the first three Saturdays in February. The program includes mounted kids skijoring races, trotting and flat races with ponies, as well as a supporting programme for children, such as skijoring taxi rides and pony rides.

White Turf 2022 Sunday 6.02 – Sunday 20.02.22

Tickets for White Turf St. Moritz 2022 are available online – and the extensive VIP package can be purchased at www.whiteturf.ch/vip