Zurich Open Air City ZOA City 2022 90’s Party

Zurich Open Air City ZOA City brings the legendary stars of the 80s and 90s to the Dolder sports arena: 2 Unlimited, Dr. Alban, Haddaway, Loona, Snap!

“No Limit” by 2 Unlimited , “Sing Hallelujah” by Dr. Alban “What is Love” by Haddaway, “Bailando” by Loona and “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! brought back amazing memories. All these megahits are played live on a single evening at ZOA City 2022.

The 90s party at ZOA City celebrated a whole decade and made people dance, sing and have fun all together on a the last day of July.

Photos: ZOA City