Art On Ice 2017

Every winter I look forward to Art On Ice! European and World champion ice-skaters, pop stars, dancers and musicians entertain and inspire the Swiss audience in Zurich, Lausanne and Davos.

Here are some of the highlights of Art On Ice 2017:

  • The Zurich Chamber Orchestra looked impressive on stage and was a harmonious addition to the Art On Ice dancers and ice skaters.
  • Legendary American singer and ten-time Grammy winner Chaka Khan and her hits like „Ain’t Nobody“ and „I’m Every Woman“ warmed up the audience and added some powerful feminine energy to the overall performance.
  • Charismatic British singer James Morrison was a great addition to the show. His famous songs like “Broken strings”, “I Won’t Let You Go”, “Wonderful world” and “Slave To The Music” fitted in perfectly with the romantic performances of Sarah Meier, Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov, Ajona Savchenko & Bruno Massot.
  • After saying good-bye to ice-skating two years ago, Swiss skater and European champion Sarah Meier made an exclusive come back just for this show! The reason for this was due to the participation in Art On Ice 2017 of her favourite singer James Morrison. She had to work hard during 2016 to be able to come back to the ice, but it was really worth it, she did great!
  • For the 15th time already world champion Stéphane Lambiel inspired his fans with an emotional performance at Art On Ice.
  • An unusual and very beautiful dance by two ice skaters on wires: floating in the air and then landing on the ice impressed the audience a lot.