Mode Suisse Edition 20

Mode Suisse celebrated its 20th jubilee edition at Halle D in Zurich Altstetten. The presentation of the latest Swiss fashion was held with eleven participants introducing their designs on the runway and in the showroom. Mode Suisse will further promote the designers via DACH Showroom online, the pop-up store Sélection Mode Suisse chez Jelmoli in Zurich, online at Laufmeter and through special events as part of the HEAD – Genève graduation program.

The catwalk show was launched by NINA YUUN and her characteristic sustainable elegance; Yuun’s designs detailed fringing and intricate craftsmanship in collaboration with Leonie Risch, the Lichtenstein-based handbag designer.

HEAD – Genève featured two designers on the runway: Sarah Bounab’s collection “All They could see was my digital Queen“ praised eternal evening wear as a variation on cyber-culture and digital identities; Céline Schmid’s debut collection “Dress clumsiness“ focussed on everyday imperfections in a classical wardrobe. Giancarlo Bello’s SS22 collection “24/7” for his label amorphose reflected on today’s online presence.

VOLANS, the mother-daughter duo, presented a silhouette-enhancing sustainable swimwear collection in high quality fabrics. They teamed up with SOL SOL ITO who introduced their limited edition shades in collaboration with Tamy Glauser called “Abundance”.

LIDA NOBA presented a vibrant and energetic collection ”Call it Love“ inspired by the book “The Rose Empire” about the history of the Qajar Iran dynasty.

NOMADISSEM‘s fifth collection by Noële Nana Schaffner was inspired by Japan and the concept of ikigai – an approach to a life in harmony with other people and the environment that is mirrored in the sustainable and modular wardrobe; Schaffner paired her designs with VIU eyewear.

For MOURJJAN’s latest offering, designer Roland Rahal joined forces with Ginny Litscher to invite the audience on a journey of friendship, laughter, dance and vibrant colourful connections through their collection “Us” by presenting a world of unusual printed fabrics merging with clean-cut colour-block silhouettes.

HEAD – Genève
Céline Schmid HEAD-Genève

Catwalk photos Alexander Palacios

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