Mode Suisse & Friends 2023

On the 4th of September 2023, Mode Suisse hosted the Mode Suisse & Friends event in the foyer of the Chipperfield building at the Kunsthaus Zürich. 

Spanning two shows, the presentation consisted of the latest juried Swiss fashion labels along with looks from Friends from local retail boutiques, fashion schools, and young and established brands. In addition, participants showed their collections in the accompanying showroom and shop. 

Fashion School DOING FASHION, Basel kicked off the first show, featuring the creations of 16 Master and Bachelor students questioning how best to coordinate aesthetic and circular methods in the industry.

A pioneering capsule collection, ADAPT by SPF, was developed in cooperation with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation for wheelchair users and presented proudly on the runway.

This year’s newcomer DANZ’s (juried label) collection, If you don’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep, represented the label’s specialty: colorful and bold handmade, screen-printed fabrics. 

Sewing Partner BERNINA (Friend) teamed up with upcycling designer Rafael Kouto to create the sustainable collection A drop of sunshine. The open-source patterns, which fashionistas can sew at home, were followed by the disco fairytale creations of Sarah Bounab (juried label). The evening wardrobe, reflecting the label’s signature futuristic and glamorous utopian style, included eyewear from Swiss label VIU. 

Atelier 1985 (Friend) showed exclusive, limited-edition Mode Suisse pieces, as well as timeless, non-seasonal designs. 

KAZU (juried label) closed tonight’s first show, showcasing the label’s signature traditional Japanese textile-inspired contemporary fashion styles. 

Fashion School HEAD – Genève (Friend) was represented by the collections of Eugenia Petersen, Gabrielle Huguenot, and Xavier Weber this year. 

Newcomer Ba Si’s (juried label) collection centered on the re-imagination of social personas through its characteristic vision of intersectional feminism.

MOURJJAN presented its latest SS24 Haute Couture Collection Cocoon, offering a diverse range of textures and patterns that underline this season’s theme of aesthetic transformation. Mode Suisse was also delighted to honour the Swiss designer Roland Rahal from MOURJJAN as the second winner of the MIELE x MODE SUISSE AWARD FOR POSITIVE IMPACT. 

The delicate designs of Pardessus19 (Friend) were also presented on the runways. Being reversible, the coats are the perfect attire from morning till night. 

The show concluded with newcomer Anastasia Bull’s (juried label) collection Where the sirens meet for tea, showing an imaginary take on contrasts with soft, shiny fabrics and sharp silhouettes.

Catwalk photos by Alexander Palacios 

DOING FASHION Naomé Nazire Tahmaz photo by Alexander Palacios
Ba Si photo by Alexander Palacios
KAZU photo by Alexander Palacios
photo by Alexander Palacios
MOURJJAN photo by Alexander Palacios
Atelier 1985 photo by Alexander Palacios
Pardessus19 photo by Alexander Palacios
ADAPT by SPF photo by Alexander Palacios
HEAD–Genève Eugenia Petersen photo by Alexander Palacios
Sarah Bounab x VIU photo by Alexander Palacios
photo by Alexander Palacios
photo by Alexander Palacios
Interviewing Yannik Zamboni photo Urs Westermann
photo Elisa Hutter
photo Elisa Hutter
ModeSuisee 2023 Showroom photo Elisa Hutter

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