Nespresso Festive: Variations Italia Limited Edition

Feeling the rush of that first icy cold air and watching cities transform into crystal balls with spectacular lights. The festive season is upon us and to help welcome it Nespresso is launching its Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range. Travelling may have taken a back seat this year so how about you allow Nespresso transport you into the rustic romantic alley ways of Italy. The Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range pays homage to the rich traditions and hospitality of the Italian culture. One sip and you feel like you’ve been welcomed out of the cold into a warm, quaint Italian house and the only thing that can warm you up from the inside- out is your own cup of Nespresso coffee, oozing with that coffee aroma and warm Italian hospitality.

The winter season is the time to indulge and unwind and there is no better way to do that than with the rich coffee aromas coursing through your home and sharing warm moments with a hot cup of Nespresso’s Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range. It’s not just a cup of coffee, it’s a meaningful moment that can create stories and teach lessons, it’s the possibilities that one cup will bring and during the festive season these possibilities are the best gift to give to loved ones and even yourself.

To ensure that you get the ultimate gift this season, Nespresso is bringing customers to Casa Nespresso, a special house to encapsulate the enchanting surprises of this new range. 

Nespresso’s Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range will also debut three brand new enriching blends: The first, Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour provides the calming and memorable notes of vanilla and sweet almonds. Il Caffè brings a daring and intense flavour leaving you intrigued with a mixture of velvety tastes and roasted cereal aromas and the third; Variations Italia Torta di Nocciole Flavour welcomes you with warm accents of toasted hazelnuts and vanilla.

All three additions prove that, this festive season, Nespresso is the gift that keeps on giving, which is why I love festive time with Nespresso, the Variations Italia Limited Edition combined with beautiful accessories (like a set of LUME white porcelain cappuccino cups and a Nespresso’s Café Absolu scented candle) or typical Italian biscuit – Amaretti are perfect gifts for the holiday season.

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso. 

Photos by Maria Putinseva.

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