Nespresso Reviving Origins – Uganda

Amaha awe Uganda means “Hope of Uganda”. It is with this in mind that I set out to try Nespresso’s new Reviving Origins range, aimed at restoring and reviving coffee farming in regions under threat due to conflicts, economic hardships or environmental disasters. Nespresso helps protect the future of rare Arabica coffees – and they’re so delicious!

Throughout centuries, Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains (“Mountains of the Moon”) provided ideal coffee farming soil and conditions. It is only recently that the region started suffering the consequences of worsening conditions like climate change and ageing trees: as a result, poor harvest has become the norm, and coffee farming was at risk.

Nespresso stepped in to help suffering communities like the Rwenzori, partnering with Agri Evolve and securing productivity and income for more than 2,000 farmers.

Who knew exactly coffee could inspire such feelings of hope and progress?

The Reviving Origins program is part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program, their sustainable sourcing model spanning countries like Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Colombia. The range includes:

  • Amaha awe Uganda: A rich, clean espresso, wild in character and with notes of rare sandalwood and elegant florals
  • Tamuka mu Zimbabwe: A flowery espresso, fruity and zesty, touching on notes like cranberry, currant, red berries, and grape
  • Esperanza de Colombia: A balanced and rounded coffee, light in acidity, with yellow fruits hints and a touch of cereal

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso. 

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