Swiss Influencer Award 2019

In June 2019, for the first time, influencers in Switzerland were honoured in ten categories in Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Swiss online opinion leaders were awarded in nine categories such as lifestyle, travel, sport and music:

Zoë Pastelle – category “Lifestyle”

Raffaela Zollo (@raffasplasticlife) – category “Beauty”

Zeki Bulgurcu (@zekisworld) category “Entertainment”

Martina Bisaz (@kitkat_ch) – category “Travel”

Ski world champion Wendy Holdener – category “Sport”

Elvira Abasova – category “Fashion”

Musician Bligg – category “Music”

Swiss singer Luca Hänni – category “International”

Valentine Reine Caporale – Category Family

Anna Smith got the title “Swiss Influencer Talent 2019”

One third of the winners of the categories were chosen by the audience and two thirds by an expert jury. Among the winners were both young people who became known primarily through social media, as well as already established singers, comedians and sportsmen who in their turn have been able to build a large fan community on Instagram, Facebook and Co.

The jury of the first Swiss Influencer Award included: Fabian Plüss (Co-Founder Kingfluencers), Felicitas Morhart (Professor of Marketing Université de Lausanne), Manuel P. Nappo (Director Institute for Digital Business) Stanislava Zajc (Digital Teamleader Coca-Cola Schweiz) and Cyrill Hauser (Influencer Marketing Expert of the communication agency Jung von Matt/Limmat)

The award show was broadcast live by Teleclub Zoom and moderated by Annina Frey and Claudia Lässer. Swiss singer Loco Escrito as well as Anna Smith entertained the audience with live performances.

Photos by Swiss Influencer Award

Winners of the Swiss Influencer Award 2019