Tommy Hilfiger Dinner 14th Zurich Film Festival

During the 14th Zurich Film Festival international stars and numerous other guests gathered for the Tommy Hilfiger dinner in the restaurant Razzia. Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has been the co-partner of the event for many years, supporting the festival and showcasing its newest designs.

On the 5th of October Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe as well as co-directors of the Zurich Film Festival Nadja Schildknecht and Karl Spoerri invited such priminent guests as Wim Wenders, Natalie Dormer, Max Irons, Johnny Depp, Dee and Thomas Hilfiger, snow board champion Iouri Podladtchikov and others.

The guests enjoyed their dinner in the neoclassical ambience of the 1920s building of the Razzia restaurant, which originally was the first cinema in Zurich. Indie Folk Rock trio Mighty Oaks, Swiss singers Bligg and Mark Sway entertained the guests with live music performances during the after party.

Photos: Bosello Ottavia and Meola Luca

Karl Spoerri, Nadja Schildknecht, Daniel Grieder, Dee and Tommy Hilfiger @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Wim Wenders and Daniel Grieder, CEO Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Max Irons @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Iouri Podladtchikov @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Tommy and Dee Hilfiger @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Molly Biscone and Albert Kriemler @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Natalie Dormer @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Wim Wenders and Natalie Dormer @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Mighty Oaks, Rolf Furrer and Sönke Wortman @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Daniel Grieder @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Nadja Schildknecht @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Johnny Depp – Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner
Mark Sway and Bligg @ Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Dinner

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