Nescens Swiss Anti–aging Science

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Swiss Glam made a presence at Nescens, the Swiss anti-aging cosmeceuticals company at Bethanien, a private clinic in Zurich. For those of you wondering, cosmeceuticals is a catchy term for industry concerning both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Scientific director and one of the founders of the Nescens, Dr. Jacques Proust, gave an interesting and informative presentation about the aging process of skin, describing the influence of the environment and sun on skin health, as well as what achievements modern medicine has made to slow these processes down.

Nescens cosmeceutical products contain active ingredients in high concentrations which have been proven useful to skin health based on their research. Professor Proust mentioned that biological, cellular and molecular mechanisms that lead to the process of aging are better studied nowadays, and that their company has excelled in applying this research.

Nescens was founded 15 years ago in the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Genolier Clinic here in Switzerland. Nescens developed Successful Aging, the first integral and individual program that supports patients throughout the aging process. In the their private medical center, medical spas and clinics, Nescens offers a range of services like health check-ups, “better-aging” cures and treatment with their own products.

Nescens is 100% Swiss made since is the products are formulated and produced in Switzerland.

One can purchase their goods from their website or directly from the Bethanien clinic.

The clinic is wonderfully located in a very peaceful and scenic neighborhood, not far away from the city center.